Hai! my name is MAX and I'm a CATBOY [Aspiring]

Feel free to look around my webpages!
I like to tinker with computers* and like to try and want to find new ways of bridging the computer-mind gap!** (to create cyborgs)
I do some design work on the side. (to help with ^^^)

I'm aldernic*** (if you didn't already notice asdfkjl), and I dream of being a cyborg catboy (while working on getting as close as i can come to being it in reality).

I have ADHD/mild-Autism, and have severe anxiety (mostly social, but it bridges into paranoia and dissociation). I have never been formally diagnosed, but i wouldn't want to anyway (institutionalisation should be illegal)

A picrew (me in default state [comfy :3]):

(made by urgonic)

I have 1000 internet bookmarks
None of my everyday devices use their stock ROM/OS
Good at programming :)

my wishlist
* I play with writing my own software & firmware, daily-drive linux, and web server backends
** I have a few projects in the works that could be used in the future for cyborg applicationss (once i move into new workshop/)
Both footnotes, See: Projects

*** Aldernic sub-types=[alderavayn(shapeshifter), alderstatic(made out of static (for when i dissociate)), alderfelis(having cat parts)]//, i also vibe with corruption(aldepour) and glass(alderhyalus)