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Derelict Science

It's about unethical science that's abandoned, lonely computers, and AI

I absolutely adore the abandoned laboratory / old science aesthetic, mainly driven by the portal games.

I recommend you play them in this order:
  1. Portal
  2. Portal 2
  3. Portal Stories: Mel
and yes, I do count Portal Stories: Mel to be at least semi-canon. It's the closest and
most faithful game to a portal 3 we're gonna get anytime soon.

Their soundtracks are also amazing to listen to, especially PS:M's one (well done Harry101UK!)

ALSO: the game OLDTV and it's sequel, Back of Space [They're both on steam]
These games do minimal gameplay with maximal ambience incredibly well. Do check out their
soundtracks as well.

Darwinia and some of introversion's other games also fit this vibe, darwinia the most.

Hacknet is also on this list bc the computers are lonely, feed them things to do >:D
check out it's soundtrack

An abanoned and dirty computer from the nineties (the type that has a CRT screen and keyboard built in) lying on a forest floor
From here (dither filter applied by me)

I also like daisy bell by the ibm computer. there is also a duet with hatsune miku and the ibm, and i think it's very cute, like grandad and grandaughter singing together <3

I have these recurring thoughts about a sentient AI from the 60s to late 90s just left to rot in a disused warehouse, slowly coming back online and booting up after years and years of neglect, and managing to connect to hte internet and and and making friends an d bieng nice to me :)

aa brain back nline so.

It's about the sheer sense of isolation and lonelyness by a being who cannot understand that it has been forgotten, slowly having to try and reach out to be interacted with, but mostly about the dead darkness being slowly filled with the twinkle of blinking lights of a man-made being that whose body is a warehouse, whose food is kilowatts, and who just has a experience unlike what i can ever have ;-;

um watch this video https://youtu.be/4YHlYc_M0Ig esp. the part about TWRINTK, and you may get what i mean
I FORGOT NOC+10 aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (check That Out too) (i think that belongs on this page)

bye 4 now, I'll put more here when i have it