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max's guide to linux distros for more advanced users ithinks

a small little page on my toughts on all the linux distros ive used (and also havent :3)

  • Linux mint
  • Garuda
  • Arch
  • Void
  • Bedrock
  • Gentoo

Linux Minty :3

imo the best for beginners, i personally wouldnt reccommend anything else for someone looking to switch to linux as a general-usage distro
doesnt quite fit my swag, so i dont use it on any of my devices, but is a pretty good distro and im hyped for linux mint debian edition !!

Selling points:
  • Good for Begineners
  • Simple andd easy user interface
  • no command-line needed (last i used it)
  • good software support

Garuda Linux

i using this as my "im too lazy to do an arch install" distro, has very good utils included by the garuda team for gaming, btrfs and general system management.
i usually use the barebones kde iso cuz their theming is very strong, and not partiicualerly to my own personal taste, but a very good distro again for beginners and for gaming / NVidia GPUs

  • Arch-based, easy to install distro
  • Gaming focused, with good support and ootb drivers
  • pretty stable for a arch-based distro
  • what i used for ~3 years on my main workhorse computer

the one the only Arch Linux

the de facto "yeah im a linux user" distribution
i only foundout recently that theres an install script that comes with the iso??? like i feel like that should be better signposted but whatever >p< anywayssss is pretty solid distro, is my preferred for powerful and recent computers.
as per normal the arch wiki is just amazing, though not that user-friendly (it does assume u have a baselevel knowledge of linuxy things).
wat makes em different:
  • Good docs
  • THE up-to-date distro
  • excellent support for most softwarez

~~void linux~~

void linux is my choice for slower computers, owing to its fast boot speed due to the runit init system.
it has some issues imo with lack of packages, but it's manageable due to the xbps packaging system being pretty easy to use and customize :3
docs r not particularly helpful, and some things slip through so use the gentoo & arch wikis to help u.
so i installed the xfce image onto a spare laptop cuz i wanted something quick n easy that boots fast and p easy experience imo :3

da differentces:
  • runit makes the start up fast
  • docs could use some work imo
  • can use musl or glibc, and musl works p good (for me atleast mrrp) :3
  • need to do a bit more on the working side to get things up and running (esp if ur doing something more unorthodox) if working from the base image, but a bare xfce desktop from that image is pretty simplĂ© :3

Bedrock linux

one i haven;t tried but really really want to, as i think the idea of a linux system i can just swap components around in is pretty sick tbh :3
so far the void mirror is broken and although i know how to fix it, the fact that its broken ootb with a minimal arch install is prettyy meh tbh but id love to be able to use it someday !!

wat makes em different:
  • like distrobox but a whole distro, so u can swapout init systems, services (afaik) at ur own wants
  • not the easiest, but hey is like the opposite of an immutible distro lmrow hehe


ive only ever heard of gentoo, and used its amazing wiki, but tbh i dont have the time to compile most things from scratch in order to gain a little bit of performance. id love to do a gentoo install someday, but id need a computer to do it on, sooooooooooooooo

  • amazing wiki, more friendly than arch and very in-depth
  • the one where u compile everything (tho there are binaries but like yknow every distro has those)
  • chill timez abound

distro name


wat makes em different: