Haiku - ├że modern BeOS

so i installed haiku on the lenovo lappytop and here r my thoughts:
  • i love the way windows r managed with little tabs its so cuteee
  • i have some issues on my laptop with it cuz its so mouse-heavy imo and the touchpad is ~not great~, but i suspect itd be amazinggg on a touchscreen
  • the filesystem is a little confusing to me (linux user XP) but i didnt read the manual so my fault :3
  • lack of software an stuff is a little meh but yknow not their fault and it will get better - it is beta-release software
  • !!! i wan my compose key !!!
  • all of the key shortcuts are alt+[..] which is very different but not entirely unwelcome
  • im far more terminal heavy so i dont think i could dailydrive haiku (esp on that old thing) but i think u could quite easily!
over all is good !! would reccomend to try !! (on some older hardware or a VM :3)