maxs thoughts on the matrix messaging protocol

  • i like the fact that its federated, tho i would like the p2p stuff verysoon pls
  • all the different clients n stuff are usually not feature-complete so ux isnt the best, but very passable as a simple text/irc-esque client :3
  • i use fluffychat, neochat and element on linux & android
  • havent tried the voip and videochat stuffs yet, but its on my todo list :3
  • once again custom emojis are amazing and awesome and why isnt this a standard feature on everythin ??
  • i havent found a commandline / tui that satisfies me atm so ill gladly take any suggesntions (ive tried gomuks)
  • i wish there was like inbuilt support for irc / xmpp chats aswell so i got them all in one place, but there are bridges afaik, so XP thats a me problem.
  • i think that this is pretty good, perhaps not yet ready for my use-case for all my messageing , but am enjoying it alot :3 (if u couldnt tell w how excited i am about custom emotes hehe :P)

p.s. this ones in list format cuz my brains a but fuzzled todays uwaa