My bigggg package list

[backend preferences]

pipewire - audio manager
wayland - display server
kde plasma - desktop environment
qtile - window manager >> i do wanna try hyperland and niri wms
mpd - music library manger
mpris - media playback control
appimage launcher - tool for appimages # flatpaks r better <<
flatpak - package manager


chaotix-aur - arch

[my-own :3]


[cli tools]

bandcamp-downloader (pipx)
imagemagick - (for img2sixel)
macchina (cargo) - simple fast customisable fetch tool
miniserve - simple http server for files & dirs
ncmpccp - mpd client
profanity - xmpp client
ranger (pipx or git clone for sixel support) >> check out yazi (cargo) as a faster alternative (tho not stable yet mrowz)
rustup - rust compiler n stuffs
smassh - typeing tutor/timer program tui (not very stable)
yadm - dotfiles manager << also see stow:
zsh + oh-my-zsh
<< find matrix tui !! (trying iamb)

[user progrmas]

akregator - kde rss reader
antimicrox - controller << keyboard & mouse
ark - kde archive utility
armcord - discrod clinet
audacity ? - audio processor
beekeeper studio - database viewer
blender - 3D modelling & animation
blockbench - blender for minecraft
calibre - ebooks
carla - audio sfx & patching
code-oss - vscode but oss when u gotta use it
cool-retro-term - funky fancy terminal
digiKam - photo manager
gnome-disks - useful disk util
discover - kde package manager
dolphin - kde file manager
elisa - kde music manager
famistudio - nes music tracker
filelight - fs usage util
flameshot - screenshot tool
flatseal - flatpak permission manager
floorp - firefox fork
foot - fast wayland terminal
freecad - 3D cad
FreeFileSync - file mirroring / syncing / etc backup utilty
Freetube - youtube viewer
gimp - photo manipulation
godot - game engine
gwenviewer - kde photo viewre
gzdoom - doom the gameā„¢
halftone ? - dithering tool
helvum - pipewire patchbay
inkscape - svg editor
kate - kde text editor
kde connect - phone connection
kde partition manager - kde partition manager
kdenlive - video editor
keepassxc - password manager
kicad - electronics cad
kiwix ? - offline wikipedia viewer
konsole - kde terminal
krita - painting / drawing bitmap editor
libreoffice - office suite
libresprite - sprite + bitmap editor
librewolf - browser, fork of firefox -- also see: floorp browser
live captions - autocaps for the desktop
lmms - daw
logseq - fancysmancy notes manager
lutris - game manager
mpv - media playr
musescore - sheet music editor
neochat - matrix client
nicotine+ - soulseek p2p file sharing
obs studio - video rec / streaming
okteta - hex editor
okular - kde document viewer
onboard - onscreen keyboard
oneko - kitty !!
openSCAD - programming-based cad
pdf arranger (flatpak) - pdf tools
prism laucner - minecraft manager
prusaslicer - slicer for 3D printing
pycharm comm. ed. - python ide
qalculate-gtk - calculator
qbittorrent - torrenting software
qownnotes - more barebones notes manager
retroarch - videogame emulation
saber ? - handwritten notes app
slade - doom map editor / explorer
steam - game manager + store
sonic visualiser - visual audio analyser/editor
syncthing - syncing thing :3
thunderbird - email client
trenchbroom - quake level editor
virtualbox ? - virtual machine manager
vlc - media player
xscreensaver - screensavers
zotero - bibliography manager
zrythm - daw

[plasma 5 shtuff]

kwin-bismuth for window tiling
doom burn-my-windows - kde plasma window animations
breeze black / breeze black pure / breeze blacker / breeze twilight - darker breeze themes
network bandwidth dbus widget
media player plus widget


auto tab discard - free up ram n stuff
betterviewer - better image viewer
fingerprint spoofer
indie wiki buddy
keepassxc browser extension - integrate with keepassxc
privacy redirect
singlefile - save page as signgle .html file
tridactyl - vim keybinds
ubock origin - adblock
foxytab - tab helper + shows where websites r hosted
video-download-helper - download hls streams and other videos

[usual tweaks]

rctrl -< compose key
meta+enter -< start terminal
prefer meta+space to alt+tab
alt+space launches programs (starts application launcher)
user in dialout / uucp group

[themeing n ricing stuff]

preferred colors - catppuccin mocha (dark) / latte (light)
mauvewolf firefox theme
preferred monospace font - jetbrains mono
tt2020 is a nice typewriter monospace font for fancier applications

[servers n selfhosting]

forgejo - git web thingy
that one tumlbr downloader thingsz - (tumblr_utils)
miniserve for quick dirt file hosting
nginx and caddy for serving