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My stuffs:
github is cyborgcatboy
matrix is cyborgcatboy:catgirl.cloud
i donts use my tumblr anymore >< - but wafrn could be a cool alternative
lemmy is kittykittycatboys on lemmy.blahaj.zone :3

cyberprimmie ɀeus' stadt worldwidedeath ../synth cyuucat VHSoverdrive koyo Snoopie i will never be happy Lazer-Bunny FreckleSkies kelprot https://cyber.dabamos.de/ https://100r.co/site/home.html
Portal Portal 2 Half-life Undertale Deltarune Minecraft Hacknet Darwinia DOOM Quake Counterstrike

Librewolf Firefox Flashpoint Garuda Linux Linux Mint KDE Plasma Krita GIMP Retroarch MAME Thunderbird Freetube veado.tube

Websites (Non-Personal)
Steam DuckDuckGo Wikipedia Mastodon Bandcamp Newgrounds Internet Archive KDE News Windows 96 Windows 93 K•R•Y•P•T•A

Other Link Aggregates
https://github.com/erikw/vim-keybindings-everywhere-the-ultimate-list - the VIM list :3

Other Links
The Cathode Ray Tube Site - CRTs my beloved
Ian's Shoelace Site - shoelaces (all of them!)
Noclip - noclip thru old game levels
The Bastard Operator From Hell (Complete Collection) - funny (fake) (old) tech support storyies
QDB: Quote Database Home [bash.org] - quotes from irc, etc (internet messages)
OpenBCI (open brain-computer interfaces) - cool cyborg stuff
QSSTV: Slow-Scan Television encoder/decoder - send pictures over sound / radio
DEFCON 19: Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Cause Total Financial Ruin! (w speaker) - YouTube - one of my favourite talks
It's Nicky Case! - nicky case has lots of cool web games / sims thing very cool yes
My Job is to Open and Close Doors - YouTube its job is to open an d close doors
acquire the sire - YouTube - yt pokemon shitpost
THE CYBERDECK CAFE - cool custom portable computers
Antigonish (Poem) - which man what man there isnt a man
https://ostracodfiles.com/ostra/pond.html - cool personal site in a gameboy style
This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web
The Aftermath of the Black Mesa Incident: Definitive Edition - YouTube - half life lore brrr
VAULT OF VHS - cool vhs tape packaging archive
A Year In The Country – Wandering Through Spectral Fields - cool website (spooky)
welcome - ae27ff - ARG training
rxi/lite: A lightweight text editor written in Lua - very nice text editor
How to run a small social network site for your friends - cool little guide
KIT Scenarist - free screenwriting software
Wikipedia: Xyzzy (Computing) - hee hee funny word


Project Gemini - http/s protocol alternative
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity -
GLSL Sandbox Gallery - shaders
mitxela.com - cool hardware/software projects
How to Spot Sustainability With AI - YouTube - the best video on AI
Indie Wiki Buddy - cool browser addon makes fandom (+other) wikis better/more functional
Filmcow royalty free sfx library - cool sfx library
Zip Files All The Way Down - a exploration of recursive archives + recursion is cool
If you cure hunchbackness you become cat girl! - a cute guide to not destroying ur back (warning: a bit nsfw [lots of underboob])
https://suricrasia.online/library/ - a library/catalog of books that don't exist
https://faeraga.neocities.org/phase - fun math visualization thingy (idk im not math major)
cool post on robotics
https://www.lofiatc.com/ - lofi beats + air traffic control radios pretty cool.
cat violence moodboard (tumblr)
cool femme clotghes
https://archive.org/details/columbo - Columbo TV show archive

catboys.exposed - amazing art project <333333333333333333333333333333333

Some of the 88x31 buttons came from: drakul78

Made by me:

See also: Making a 88x31 button