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The brobecks is a band formed by friends + Dallon Weekes in 2002 and disbanded in 2013-ish i think
it's a very peculiar and unique indie rock band.

Fav albums:
Happiest Nuclear Winter
Violent Things <-- arguably their best album

Fav tracks:
She's a Robot (Happiest Nuclear Winter) - it gives me the vibes of an abandoned radio station still broadcasting new music.

Second Boys will be First Choice (Violent Things) - bap bap bap bap (i think all the characters should be polyamorous 4 each other (PEACE ABD LOVE ON PLATNET EARTH))

If You Like It Or Not (Violent Things) - The Main Theme Song of all soul-bound stories (3L/LL/DL (if u dont know what tehse acronyms r dnt worry :) )

Sleeping Pills (Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow / the brobecks ep) - i too wanna sleep lots and lots and lots all cosy and safe snzzzzzzzz (loudest lullaby ive ever heard and it shouldnt change a bit ! :3). honestly both versions are great

Old brobecks recordings

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I DONT KNOW BUT THEY FOUND ME is a music duo consisting of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman (maybe, i think something happend there ??). This band / music project is very unique, with a analog television / VHS theme.

fav albums:
1981 Extended Play

yes i know they only have two albums but they are both very good and i like them >:)

Fav tracks:
Modern Day Cain (Single) - Computer voice makes brain happy :) + epic synthesizer solo
Social Climb (1981 EP) - when im with you oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Do it all the time (1981 EP) - FUN NOISE
New Invention + its remix (Razzmatazz/ Razzmatazz Duluxe) - bad dreams + sleepying
Lights go down (Razzmatazz) - the synth in this one is beautifyl

I say everyone MUST go watch the IDKHOW music videos, they are just great and scratch my brain in all the right wayz

There are allso the _SRCHPRTY_ videos (i think theyre on the website) <-- watch them as well