Some thoughts on Linux & FOSS

I really like to emphasise the feeling of community when playing around and exploring the
linux and oss ecosystem. I've had a really nice time when trawling through forums and
boards filled with friendly (or at least helpful) people.

I use garuda linux as my daily driver, I really reccomend it if you don't want to have to
set up NVIDIA graphpics card drivers, and I really like it for the amount of distro-specific
assistant tools, they're really helpful when stuff gets #^%*#%ed up.

Distros ive used

Ubuntu (18.04-22.10)honestly i don;t particularly like ubuntu, it's not very efficent with the way i use linux (i often use terminal command and like using keybinds more than a mouse)
Linux Mint (can't remember version)I liked linux mint more than ubuntu, the only issue i had was related to debian packages, which isn't its fault. i though the cinnamon desktop was alright, but it wasn;t for me
Arch LinuxI have never been able to set up arch linux in all four of my attempts on bare metal (its probly due to them being laptops) but this is imo the best linux '''base'''
Debian v8/9I setup a debain bare-metal server once. it was alright. nothing particularly good or bad with it, but not for me.
Endevour OS (arch-based)This was my longest-serving server distro, it was alright until it broke lmao
OpenSUSEim so used to arch and power using that so this was hard to use for me
Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OSIt's pretty good for the raspberry pi, my only qualm with it is the wonky desktop that can't really do much (no theming or workspaces or customisation in general). recently ive had it break a mariadb + django + nginx setup and that's a real pain the ass, but the raspi 3b+ isnt designed to run a hdd so eh, my fault really.
Pop!_OS 20.*similar to ubuntu, the gnome desktop isn't for me and i tend to have issues around debian-based packages, but i liked the integrated drivers
Zorin OS (v?)it looked really nice but i had issues
Garuda Linuxmy daily driver for the longest time, great os-specific utilities and assistants, my favourite arch-based distro
Manjaro (arch)i liked it but the org behind it can't hold itself together and is unreliable
MX Linuxagain, debian packages hate me for no reason, best deb-based distro otherwise
Fedorai have had a bit of a play with fedora but it;s really not for me
ArcoLinuxthese guys have a good knowledge base of how to do stuff in arch
Kodachi Linuxthis is one of the coolest live distros ive seen, its a privacy-based distro, but its not really for productivity