Men and Sexuality

Im not really sure that the title quite gets across what im going for
but anyhow:

Men don't really get to express sexuality.

I hope it's not a outrageous claim, but they really aren't.
Men don't get to be sexually expressive in a safe way. the only
ways a man can express themselves sexually seem to be predatory.
There are no non-ironic peices of lingerie for men. The typical
''sexy'' look for men is fully fucking dressed in a suit and tie
with a beard and a more-on-top haircut (not to mention being white)

I'm just sick of it all. I don't want to be a dominating prescence.
i want to be soft and sexy.
and there just doesn't seem to be a way to be that.

I spend a lot of time around feminists, because I like the idea of
gender equality! i think everyone should be equal and equitable. I
only have one problem with these spaces. They seem to only portray
men as overpowering, predatory monsters, and it just makes me feel
bad. I don't want to be a man when i'm in these spaces, which is
ironic, considering the work i've put into being one.

I don't know. I feel that people only ever talk about the patriarchy
hurting women or the gender diverse. never about how it hurts men.
and that makes me sad.
men don't get compliments. and when they do it's not about them.
it's always about a job they've done or their accomplishments. never
appearance. never that they're sexy
men r supposed to be sexual predators or not sexual at all (which is seen
as a defect, there's no winning!!)

love and support the men in your lives!!
they aren't just emotionless automitons!!
don't judge the all for the actions of a few.
love and peace on planet earth <3