I think that nothing comes close to radiowaves when it comes to how just insanely cool they are. Like,
they are invisible wave/particle thingies that can penetrate rock (and other materials but anyway) and we
fnkging use them to listen to music.
That's just so WACK.

It's even cooler when it's naturally occuring. like radioactive ores are just a rock of death by
proximity. It's just so COOL.

I wish i could see all the colors.

And we use these deathly radioactive rocks to boil water. like that just seems so unintuitive and jank.
And then there's another type of rock that can protect you fully from all the types of radio with enough
of it.

It's truly magical.

TODO: make a radio station [3/12]

But we also use a tonne of radio for so many things, like WiFi, Bluetooth, FM/AM Radio,
mobile telephoness, etc.
It's everywhere! ANd I can;t see it ;-;. So many people don't know how it works, but it
still works for them. Bonkers!

Anyway i really like radio :D