The One ManTM Trope

So I really like the one man against the world except they're literally unstoppable, especially if they are mute/otherwise non-verbal.

Examples (my favourites) include:
  • The Slayer / Doomguy - DOOM (game series)
  • Dr. Gordan Freeman - Half Life (game series)
  • John Wick - John Wick (film series)
  • others aswell (memory not good)
idk, something about the whole 'man literally too angry to die' is very, um, cathartic to me. I really, really really like this trope.

It seems to me to be a sort of inverse trope of the mastermind that plans for every outcome (successfully, too), where instead of the intellegence of the character preventing their downfall, it's just raw brute strength.

I also really like the trope where a character is too dumb and lucky to be killed; i enjoy where a character constantly, accidentally survives attempts on their life.