There' s something so [[limiting]] about '''traditional'''{sarcasm} male/female gender
roles \\i dont think that this is an uncommon occurance\\, but like why is it so uncommon
to be trans? or even just gender nonconforming at all?
I think it's all slightly wack.

     6             A            .               And that's even when you subscribe to the
    .881         JMMl           .               gender binary, when the gender quaternary
   .8 6 1.      J J l           .               fits sooo much better when taking into
       6         J              .               account Master/Mister & Miss/Missus, where
     o5555*     J               .               the genders are girl, boy, man and woman.
         6     J                .               It fits the changing societal expectation
          6   J                 .               when [[Transitioning]] from a girl to a
        J88888886               .               woman or a boy to a man. Hell, we even already
       8         8              .               call it a transiton.
       8         8              .               it just fits.
       8         8              .
        i88888887               .               Anyway; I'm a catboy.
            M                   .               This is because i like being a silly goofy little man
            M                   .               i like the softer (non-aggressive / protective) parts of masculitiy
            M                   .               plus the no-consiquence curiosity of cats
            M                   .
          MMMMM                 .               plus im nd so like that's just htere.
            M                   .

an anthropomorphic bunny person wearing only boxers. they have top surgery scars and a devil's tail, there is text beside them that reads: This is the Age of Sin. Reject the order of creation. Revel in the annihilation of Man as the image of God. Destroy. Plot designs of death. Disfigure the face of Man and Woman.

i really like this so im gonna keep it here for now, all credit to infecticn on tumblr (there is alt text for the image)

im working on a long-form essay about <<most>> of the aspects of gender in society. once it's finished (in maybe a month or so if im consistent , ill put a link to it here!)