The human body is an amazing feat of biology.


it also sucks ass half the time. Like seriously, if my lungs don't work properly, my joints don't work properly, my gut doesn't work properly, my brain doesn't work properly.
I'm just supposed to accept it?
I'm not supposed to do something to fix it? (OK that might be some hyperbole, but for
real, why am i only supposed to fix it ONE way [go to the doctor and get a perscription])

So I've decided that I'm allowed to fix my own body on my own terms.

I'm better with technology and electrical systems than the intricate chemical/biological processes in the human body, but if it comes to it, I will figure out a way to make my body work better.

I once read a quote that emphasized that there is no difference between a cyborg with a microchip attached to their brain and a cybord with a device that they interact with that has a microchip inside it. I very much like this viewpoint on transhumanism.


It turns out at the time i wrote this ^^^, i had both an unintentional eating disorder plus a gastro-instestinal bacterial parasite, so my issues aren't completely my body's fault.